we LOVE loyalty

#bags of loyalty
We all know what it is like when you have your favourites; favourite coffee shop, favourite sandwich shop, favourite place to buy that perfect gift!
To thank all of you who have made Little Alligators your favourite place to shop we have designed a new style loyalty scheme!
Collecting stamps is all very well for coffee shops but we wanted to offer more!
The idea of #bagsofloyality is very simple - join the loyalty club and everytime you shop with us you will earn a reward.*
To join simply buy one of fabulous reusable shopping totes for £5, - bring it with you every time you shop to receive 10%off**
From time to time there will be special events for our loyalty club so please leave contact details so we can tell you about these special shopping events.

* rewards based on in store spend and don't forget bring your bag with you!

** when you spend over £30