Asteriods Escape



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The object of the game is to slide the puzzle pieces around (without tilting the puzzle pieces), until you can slide the puzzle piece with the space ship through the opening in the middle of the game board.

Underneath the wings of the space ship there are laser cannons. They look cool, but their main function is to prevent movements that are not allowed by the rules. We needed to make 4 prototypes of this spaceship before we got the bottom side right. All other versions allowed movements that were not intended or created confusing situations.

The puzzle piece with the space ship is the only on that can be slit off the grid, because it’s the only one with cutouts at the bottom side. Some puzzle pieces show “stars”. Their function is to help you during setup with the right position and orientation of every puzzle piece. For the same reason some asteroids have a different color than others. If you can’t solve a challenge that is supposed to be easy, please double check if all pieces were placed in the right orientation during the setup.

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