Busy Bee

Fisher Price

£14.99 £19.99


Every small child should have a happy friend like the classic Fisher Price Buzzy Bee! It a perfect reproduction of the 1950 rolling and clicking bee with happy eyes and a pull string. With big rolling wheels and rotating yellow wings, the Busy Bee is ready for a whole new generation for children to enjoy!  Toys have changed since the 1950’s, but this colorful happy toy is still adorable fun.

Type: Plastic Pull String Bee - Plastic Interactive Toy with moving wings, and clicking sounds
Category: Classic Toys from Fisher Price - Safe for Children 12 months and Up
Size: 6" Wide - (6 x 6 x 4 inches) - 9" Long String
Package: 1950's Era Color Collectors Box - “Buzzy Bee - Classics from Yesterday for Kids of Today!”

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