Meri Meri Ahoy There Perfect Party Pack

Meri Meri

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Get the party set for a swashbuckling time!

this pack contains:

1 x entertainment pack

This entertainment pack will keep a little buccaneer happy for hours. It is filled with cards, maps, stickers and other fun things to play with all decorated in pirate style.

Pack contains: 8 place mats,8 pirate sticker sheets,1 game mat, 1 game sticker sheet, 1 name sheet, 1 small pirate map, 1 large pirate map, 1 envelope

1 x party hats 

No party would be complete without hats, these great hats add the perfect look for all like pirates, a skull and cross bones and a fun googly eye.

Pack contains 8 hats.

1 party bags 

Each bag has a fabulous fun look with goggly bead eye and has gold rope handles.

Pack contains 8 party bags
Size: 5 x 3 x 6 inches

1 x party cups

Keep your drinks on theme with these 12 cups suitable for hot or cold drinks

1 x Invitation and Thank you pack

Set the tone of the perfect swash buckling event, and make sure your little one is able to thank their guests with perfect pirate manners.

Pack contains 8 invitations and 8 thank you notes

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