Roaming Mountain Anamalz




Animalz will make you roar with delight! Smooth lines, interesting textures, balancing poses, flexible legs, and 'standout adorable.' High quality, organic animal toys - Animalz are natural playthings that the whole family will appreciate. Little children hold onto these posable animals sized right for their small hands and they won't let them go, (no matter how hard mom and dad try to get their turn!) Made from organic maple and natural fibers with attention to design, Animalz engage a spirit of adventure and fun in kids and adults alike! Make these animal play figures their own animal homes with blocks, manipulate their adorable legs, and enliven your work or play space. The details on Animalz are right on target with your good taste. From the tiger's white belly and striped tail - to the elephant's floppy ears and smooth, bendable trunk, you'll find appreciation for Animalz original, clever composition. March these wooden animals across the floor and little kids squeal with delight. Herd a few on your desk and watch them captivate you in dull moments and capture smiles of people who walk by. Animalz Poseable Play Figures Cute, sturdy, natural toys from organic Maple wood and natural fibers Smooth lines, interesting textures, balancing poses, flexible legs, adorable design Engage imagination & help young children learn animal names & sounds Combine with building blocks for animal homes or Dado Cubes for a zoo Ideal for adventure anywhere at home, in the car, traveling First class as a desk toy, tied to a gift package, as baby shower or party accents Fun tucked in a Christmas stocking, Easter basket, or party goodie bag Aesthetic in form, vibrant accent colors Sturdy, easily balance Your Animalz collection - long term keepsakes Height: 3.5 inches Ages 4+

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