Sculptapalooza (The Play Foam Game)

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The squishy, squashy, sculpting party game!

It’s the squishy, squashy sculpting party game!<br/>Perfect for family games nights and parties, this fast-paced sculpting battle combines the creativity of Playfoam® with engaging, imaginative game play!

  • Two teams battle it out to mould the Playfoam into a specified model
  • Fun sculpting challenges include:
    • “Straight up Sculpt” – simply create the specified model
    • “Put it on your Face” – mould the Playfoam onto your face to bring your creation to life
    • “Just close your Eyes” – master your creation with your eyes closed
    • “Playfoam Props” – incorporate props into your masterpiece
    • “Sculptor’s Choice” – build anything in your imagination for your team mates to guess
  • Mess-free Playfoam never dries out so this game can be played time and time again
  • Game box includes:
    • Resealable tub of Playfoam
    • Sculpting mat
    • 150 Sculptapalooza category cards
    • Die
    • 60 second timer
    • Multilingual instructions
  • For optimum game play Sculptapalooza has been designed to be played with two teams – a minimum of two players on each team (instructions also include game play for 2-3 people too)
  • Features multilingual packaging

How to play

  • Place the category cards face down in the play area
  • Decide which team will go first
  • A player from that team takes a category card and rolls the numbered die to determine which challenge they need to complete
  • That player must use the Playfoam to complete their challenge before the timer runs out
  • Can their team mates successfully guess what it is?
  • The first team to successfully guess 25 challenges wins!

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