Secret Spy Academy

Clockwork Soldier



Welcome to the Secret Spy Academy
Once enrolled, you will learn all the skills it takes to become an international spy.

Your training will start with basic spy terminology, moving on to creating and planning your own undercover mission. Your training will finish with some high level code breaking skills.

1 X 8 page activity booklet,
4 X double sided activity sheets,
2 X Tracing sheets, 1 X code wheel,
1 X cardboard spy watch, 2 X cardboard trackers

Activities include:
Learn spy terminology
Create a secret identity
Master stealth skills
Memory tests
Learn observation and
surveillance skills
Design your own spy base
Design your own spy gadgets
Design your own spy transport
Profile a suspect
Create a case file
Take fingerprints
Plan a mission
Learn about signs and symbols

Made from 350g recycled cardboard.
Age 7-12yrs

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