Snow White



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The object of the game is to place all figurines on the right position. The JUNIOR, EXPERT and MASTER levels include extra instructions (on top of the page) about the correct position of the figurines, using symbols:

  1. A coloured square indicate that a figurine must be placed in a room of that color. It can be any of the places in that room.

2.A coloured square which is crossed out indicates that a figurine can NOT be in the room with that specific colour.

  1. A “plus” symbol between figurines indicates that these figurines need to be in the same room. They don’t need to be adjacent to each other or in a specific order.


Some figurines are attached to each other (the red and blue dwarves). On an abstract level this creates two kind of playing figurines: the singles and the twins. The twins have more limitations, because they alway occupy to places next to each other.

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