Wave of the Wand™ - A Cinderella Game

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Little princesses can be Cinderella for the day!

Young children play at being Cinderella in this fairy-tale themed early learning skills game.

  • Players shake the wand-style dice shaker and select the colour tokens for their castle card
  • Engaging game reinforces a variety of early learning skills:
    • Colour identification and recognition
    • Attribute matching
    • Observation
    • Strategic thinking
  • Ideal for the whole family to play
  • Game box includes:
    • Wand-themed dice shaker
    • Three colourful dice
    • 20 colour-coded tokens
    • Four castle cards
    • Glass slipper game piece for the winner
  • Game play features colours: pink, green, blue, purple and orange
  • For 2-4 players
  • Features multilingual packaging

How to play

  • Players use their colour matching skills to collect five princess tokens
  • Place the game tokens face up in the game play area
  • Each player starts with a castle card
  • Place the three dice into the wand-style shaker
  • Players take it in turns to roll the three dice and follow the instructions shown to gain tokens
  • The first player to transform all five Cinderella tokens into princess tokens is the winner!

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