What's Hidden In The Woods



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At first glance, all is still and quiet in the woods. But look closely through three coloured glasses to discover hidden secrets...

What's Hidden In the Woods is an original children's book with magical images that are revealed by looking through the three magnifying glasses tucked inside the pocket of the front page. Beautifully illustrated, the images are still and quiet until you look through the magic glasses provided to discover nature's secrets and surprises. Wonderfully interactive, this book is perfect for kids age 4+ who are learning to read and will absorb them into the richly rewarding world of books.


  • This wonderful book draws on the magical power of RGB images and will enchant children and parents alike.
  • An inventive approach to discovering life in the woods, still images come to life when they are looked at through the three magical glasses provided.
  • It's wonderfully illustrated by designer and illustrator Aina Bestard and will introduce young children into the absorbing world of books.

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